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Wooden Clapper - Small 6" - Made In Canada

Wooden Clapper - Small 6" - Made In Canada

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Wooden Clapper - Small 6" - Cherry & Walnut Wood

A tailors wooden clapper is a smooth wood block that is used to press onto ironed garments, to cool down and secure the crease.

Once you have pressed your finished pant hem or any other work, you want to use the tailors wooden clapper to cool the area, thus maintaining the crisp, fresh pressed look. Giving thicker seams a bit of a ‘pound’ when using the clapper will help thin and soften them out, like those found on jeans.

 Create beautiful seams, creases, and hems effortlessly with the Small Tailors Wooden Clapper, made from premium cherry and walnut wood. Perfect for tailors, seamstresses, crafters, artisans  quilters and anyone who sews and irons.  The grooved sides allow for a secure grip, making pressing easier and faster than ever! Unleash your creative genius with the unbeatable Small Tailors Wooden Clapper. Try it now and see the difference!

The Wooden Clapper gives professional looking results for flat, crisp, seams and creases without burning or scorching.   This is a great tool!  

Made in Canada