Sewing Machine Needles Multi-Box Assorted Sizes

Sewing Machine Needles Multi-Box Assorted Sizes - Christina's Fabrics

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Sewing Machine Needles - Multi-Box Assorted Sizes - Twin Needle 80/2,Universal 80 , 90, Jeans, 90, Stretch 75.

Multi-Box includes a variety of needles including the twin needle which comes in a variety of needle types and sizes. Two needles are put on a single crossbar attached to a single shaft.  They are made with universal, denim, stretch, hemstitch, metallic, or embroidery type needles.  They are used to create two rows of stitches, creating perfectly parallel rows of stitching in one pass using a single bobbin thread.  Spacing between the needles varies from 1.6 mm to 8 mm wide.  They are numbered first by the distance in millimeters between the needles and second by the size of the needle. Double needles are used for hemming, mock cover stitch, applying narrow ribbon, securing elastic, pin tucking, decorative stitching and top stitching. 

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