Elastic With Toggles For A Comfortable Fit - A Pair

Elastic With Toggles For A Comfortable Fit - Pair | Christina's Fabrics

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Mask Elastic With Toggles For A More Comfortable Fit

By The Pair (2) 

These adjustable elastics with toggles effectively reduce the pain and pressure that sometimes comes with wearing masks with ear loops. The mask elastic has a flat toggle and allows the wearer to adjust until the mask is perfectly comfortable and fitted to their face. This is a flat elastic with toggles and is so durable and soft with excellent resilience. It will restore to it's original length without deformation or signs of wear. You can easily slide the toggle over the cord and adjust it as needed. This mask elastic with toggles can be used for much more than face masks. This elastic is also great and can be used for earmuffs, earflaps, and respirator mouth-muffle masks.  

Priced by the pair

10cm x 5mm

Cord Material: 100% Cotton