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Flaxseed Warm Or Cold Pack | Black Floral Print

Flaxseed Warm Or Cold Pack | Black Floral Print

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Flaxseed Warm Or Cold Packs - Scented Or Unscented

Cotton Fabric In A Black Indonesian Floral Print - 3 Long Tubes That Cover Neck and Shoulder To Ensure Great Coverage. 

Size: 6x 27"

Weight:  2 Lbs

Content: Cotton 

Great Gifts For Those Suffering - Sore Muscles, Arthritis Etc.  A Very Popular And Welcomed Gift.   I Personally, As Well As,  My Entire Family Use them And Find Them Very Beneficial.   

We Take Great Care To Ensure That These Flaxseed Packs Are Of Great Quality And Are Made With Love.  They Are Double Sewn Once Inside and Once Outside To Ensure No Flaxseed Leakage. 

Flaxseed packs are reusable and are an effective way to use hot or cold for soothing sore muscles, aches and pains, arthritis, stress, neck and shoulder pain etc.  Put them in the microwave or in the freezer.  If you want to use for both you really should have two, one for heat and one for cold.  

If you would like scented then we can do a custom bag for you and add Lavender.  All of the bags in stock are unscented.  If you would like a different pattern than what you see here, you can pick your fabric from what we have in stock online and send us a picture via email.  Put In the notes section of your order whether it is scented or unscented.  Custom made orders generally take three days to make but could take up to one week.

To use this flax bag as an ice pack, place the bag in a plastic zip-lock bag, inside the freezer. For it to be effective leave the bag in the freezer for at least 2 hours before using.

You cannot wash these bags so it is best to use a cover. and put the flax bag inside when using it.   Do not put the cover in the microwave.  

We Use 100% Cotton And Cotton Batik Fabric.